Accounting for Non-Accountants

Accounting for Non-Accountants 2

KITI Location

Course Objectives

Upon the completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the principle of accounting
  • Differentiate between  accounting and financial statements
  • Prepare the balance sheet and its components
  • Prepare and use statement of cash flows
  • Use  financial statements for short-term& long-term analysis
  • Understand Audits and auditors

Course Outlines

  • Introducing accounting and financial statements
  • Generally accepted accounting principles
  • The balance sheet and its components
  • The income statement
  • Preparing and using a statement of cash flows
  • The corporation
  • Using financial statements for short-term analysis
  • Using financial statements for long-term analysis
  • Budgeting for your business
  • Audits and auditors

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers, supervisors, staff from any function including the accounting department who need to improve their understanding and application of accounting can attend this course.

Course Price :
KITI : 2,500 SR
Hotel : 3,000 SR

Course Duration : 5 Days